Newsletter Februar 12th, 2024 - English Version

Hello and OMAR TA SATT dear light,

we live in a time in which the energies on our planet are changing dramatically every day and the associated challenges are not easy for us humans. Like never before, the patterns of light embedded in the energies are calling people to align themselves with the good, the true and the bright and to participate in the greatest changes that have ever occurred on our planet. Every thought, every voice, every deed and every work is significant for the great manifestation of the Light, for the manifestation and opening of Quin’Tass (New World).

Follow the traces of love and follow the impulses of your soul. If you do this, you will encounter miracles on your path, miracles full of light and love. Don’t let the powers to distract you from your heart’s path and know that you are never alone. Hosts of light accompany you and are available to you at any time, ready to bring you everything you need at this time. Recognize the shining light within you and become what you were, what you are and always will be.

Since the ANTAARIS weeks were received with so much joy by you (AN’ANASHA for the many wonderful emails), I have decided to start another campaign: Room Energization Weeks

You certainly know the situation when you enter a room that is filled with heavy and not nice energies, how stressful these can be on your own feelings. Room energy is an important factor for your well-being. If the rooms in which you spend every day are charged with light and loving energies, then you can let yourself go and recharge your batteries, relax and so much more in these rooms.

The light crystals of divine reality offer a unique and wonderful opportunity to energetically charge your rooms with light and loving energies. Each crystal pendant from METALICHT has been charged with the corresponding crystal energy and placed in your room, it shines and charges your rooms with the energies of the crystals. The crystals are a true blessing for us humans.

Click here for Room Energization Weeks


From now on you can find all the fire crystal videos I made on METALICHT. Downloading and using the videos is free (please note the information on the website).

You can find the videos at:

I hope you enjoy watching, sharing, etc.
Nijaz El’Nama’Dilaih

With all my love and light, I wish you a blessed and peaceful time.

AN’ANASHA (Gratitude)
Nijaz El’Nama’Dilaih Tanjo