Newsletter March 11, 2024 - English Version

Hello and OMAR TA SATT dear light,

Today I have wonderful news for you and I am so happy to be able to bring it to you with this newsletter.

After a break of several years, I have decided to work for you again with the ANTAARIS light technologies. Over the last few months I have worked very intensively with the spiritual world and created an energetic field that I named ANTAARIS Light Healing Circle. From now on an energy transfer will be carried out every Friday, full of light and love I will work with the high lights for each individual.

You can find all information about the ANTAARIS light healing circle on my website.
You have the opportunity to test the light healing circle for 30 days free of charge and without obligation.

To the ANTAARIS light healing circle

Light crystal pendant weeks -30%

All light crystal pendants including silver zirconia pendants are reduced by 30% until March 24, 2024. I hope you enjoy browsing through the shop, maybe you will find a little gift for your soul.

To the crystal pendants

With all my love and light, I wish you a blessed and peaceful time.

AN’ANASHA (Gratitude)
Nijaz El’Nama’Dilaih Tanjo